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Have an instrument to sell? We can help!

Our process: First, our experts assess your consignment instruments. Our highly trained technicians will do a C.O.A on your flute! All our instruments are sold (worldwide) like-new. Throughout the entire sales process, you are in full control of pricing (which can be adjusted, as you see fit, at any time). Although our experts will provide you with recommendations on pricing, you will always have the final call! we'll maintain the instrument's condition at no additional cost. Your instrument will be covered by our insurance policy.  


All items are consigned at a 20% commission rate. Items that sell for less than $2,000 qualify for our minimum $500 commission for each item consigned at. We offer a 5% reduced commission if you buy and sell at the same time!


Fill out the form below (or contact us) to get started today! 


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