NKFlutes is a professional flute and piccolo store located in Lincoln Square, New York City. You can expect high quality flutes from a selective inventory that have been hand picked and professionally tested. Yongin Namkung, our master technician, is also available to perform the repair service that you need, and offer you the insight that only centuries of apprenticeship and practice can give you.  Our beloved clients include: Linda Chesis, Robert Langevin , Son You bin, Erik Gratton, Stefán Ragnar Höskuldsson, Jasmine Choi, Demarre Mcgill and Denis Bouriakov. 

Feel the difference.


WE do not just fix your instruments, we make sure that they are back to their best quality and meet your expectations as well as our own standards. We use frequently updated original parts in all of our repairs, direct from the flute’s manufacturer. Our technicians combine their years of experience with the player’s personal needs to create a truly one-of-a-kind, customized flute.

Our master technician has undergone apprenticeships with Brannen Brothers, David Straubinger, Verne Q. Powell, Sankyo, and Burkart. We are also an authorized Brannen Brothers repair Facility that was picked directly by Brannen Brothers.          https://www.brannenflutes.com/us-repair-services

At NKFlutes we respect our clients and understand that you have a time table that you have to keep. We strive to work on a time period that works for you.

As with many things, the difference is the experience, and the love involved. At NKFlutes, you will truly feel that difference.