Master Technician YONGIN NAMKUNG

Mr. Namkung is a master flute maker and technician with more than 30 years of experience. He has traveled all over the world to work and learn firsthand from some of the most renowned companies. Namkung has worked for several years at Landell Flutes. He has also completed his apprenticeship at Brannen Cooper, Powell, Burkart, Sankyo, and David Straubinger flutes. After making a name for himself in Seoul Arts Center district, Seoul, he has quickly emerged himself as one of the leading flute technician in South Korea. Some of Mr. Namkung's elite clients includes Robert Langevin, Denis Bouriakov, Bradley Garner, Linda Chesis, Judith Mendenhall, Soo-Kyung Park and Yoobin Son. Mr.Namkung now offers his expertise to the Tri-State area. Please feel free to visit our testimonial page to hear from some of the bests.