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  • Powell Handmade #12067 -   19.5K gold tube, In-Line, Split-E mechanism, B footjoint.                                    SOLD

  • Oston-Brannen Flute #511 -    All silver, Drawn Toneholes, A-442, B Footjoint with Gizmo, No headjoint.       SOLD

  • Brannen Brothers Original Brögger Flute All Silver - Sterling silver headjoint, sterling silver body and    $ 12,500 mechanism, Brögger Mekanik™, soldered silver tone holes, Offset G, Split-E Mechanism, silver rings, ribs, and posts.                   French (open hole) model, pointed key arms, white gold springs, Straubinger pads, B-footjoint. Handmade in USA.             Overhauled on August 2016. Like brand new condition.

  • Powell Handmade custome Flute in 14K gold #12465 - 14K gold hand cut headjoint, 14K gold body        $23,700

           with sterling silver mechanism, Powell pinless mechanism, soldered silver toneholes,

           silver rings, ribs, and posts. French (open hole) model, pointed key arms, white gold springs,

           Straubinger pads, (.012 standard) tubing, modern Powell scale, B footjoint. Offset G, C# trill, D# roller,

           Left hand ring finger and G# key extension. Handmade in USA. Overhaul on Dec 2016. NKFLUTES

  •  Mancke Handmade 14K Gold Headjoint #JNK1 14K Tube, Lip plate, and silver crown.                                     $ 6,500